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  Hello girls! In today's post we'll be talking about Rosegal and their dress collection. To be precise, I've picked a couple of tunic dresses to share with you and see if you like this dress style and these designs. Tunic dresses are the simplest thing to throw on for summer. They flatter almost any figure, they can form several outfits, and can even transition into fall with the right accessories. Once you find a tunic dress you like, you can wear it all sorts of ways. A loose, longish tunic dress looks perfect when worn over cropped leggings. Pair it with flat sandals and a hobo bag. If cropped leggings aren’t your thing or you’re transitioning to a cooler climate, wear a tunic dress over full-length leggings and high-heeled booties.

 If leggings aren’t your style, try wearing your tunic dress over skinny jeans or very slim-cut boot cut jeans. Jeans are so versatile – wear them with ballet flats or balance the floatiness of the tunic dress and tuck them into mid-length boots. Next you can wear it over wide-leg trousers. Now, this look is a bit trickier; a tunic dress and wide-leg trousers can look bulky together, but when put together correctly, it works. Choose a tunic dress with an A-line or slim silhouette, then balance it with dark wide-leg trousers. The darker color makes the trousers look slimmer, and the whole look isn’t too heavy. You can wear it with a loose belt: Tying a loose belt around a tunic dress creates a whole different look. It’s casual enough for day if the belt is worn low on the tunic dress on the hips, and it works when the tunic dress is worn over leggings or jeans. For night, try tying a glitzier or dark belt around the tunic dress, with high heels or high heeled booties.

Here are some styles from Rosegal that attracted me the most. 
You can find more on their website. 



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